The Back 40 Homestead

While we are not off the grid, we are definitely off the beaten path. The journey to find us will definitely be worth the effort. Our main attraction is nature which is outside every window. If you are looking for a relaxing place to sit outside and listen to natures’ symphony, then we are your place. If you are looking for the ‘hustle and bustle’ of big city life, well…..then this may not be your ideal location.

In the mornings you will experience the freshest eggs possible, breakfast meat, seasonal fruit grown in our garden, homemade jellies/jams, and other breakfast goodies. It will be a nutritious start to the day. On the homestead we need the calories to tackle the daily chores.


We are the perfect getaway for small groups that enjoy craft retreats. There is an all-purpose room downstairs with plenty of table space where you can spread out and create to your hearts content!

For families or friends, looking for some quality time together, we offer catch and release fishing, pond swimming, pedal boating, or just relaxing and enjoying nature..

We have several walking paths around the prairies where you will see and hear a wide variety of deer, birds, butterflies, and other natural wildlife (even an occasional bald eagle if you are lucky). We have hummingbirds galore and go through hundreds of pounds of sugar annually filling our numerous feeders.

If you would like to learn what it takes to be a homesteader, we would love for you to come spend a week (or longer) with us to see what it is like to try and live the homestead life. Now we certainly do use the modern comforts of electricity, propane, and other basic home features, however, we do try to raise the majority of meat, fruits, and vegetables on our property, so you might call us a hybrid homestead. We try to live as ‘green’ as possible.

We will hold weekend workshops to teach subjects from seed starting, gardening, building raised beds, canning, pie making, jelly/jam making, animal husbandry, composting, cleaning chickens. Debbie will hold scrapbooking and quilting workshops as well.

For those of you that would like to hold your own workshops the basement space can be rented according to availability. Lunches can be provided for a small fee based on your preference.

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Welcome to The Back 40 Homestead


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Mark and Debbie Berry​

Phone:     217-532-6706